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January 6, 2010

Ok, so this site is about celebrating women from Birmingham.  I have, however, been known to occasionally deviate and here I go again.

My excellent friend Shona, pointed out a fascinating project.  Andrea, has set up DesignSocial, whereby she is committing to picking up a desgin brief each week in 2010 from anyone with a dream or idea.  She’s made my day by slotting in a piece for the brimmin site.

In essence, it’s quite simple: sort me some business cards, so when I chat to folk about this site I can send them away with the web address.  There is a chance it will lead to some re-working of the look of the site – but we’ll see.  I am in her hands!

I am very excited to be part of Andrea’s journey of discovery and of course, to get some decent cards to share with the world.

Watch this space for progress:


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