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Brilliant Woman who’s protecting our heritage

January 12, 2010

Anne Courbet set up the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetry with Barrie Simpson, in 2005 because it was a crucial part of their heritage.  It was important to them to protect this Victorian Cemetery and they knew that they could just try and do it. Creating a friends scheme has proved to be an effective way of nurturing the community that is already active there.  The cemetery closed to burials a year earlier, but wait, now I’m telling their story, which they tell far better themselves on this interview on the Grassroots Channel with Nick Booth.

So, why do I blog about this?  Two reasons.  This site is about celebrating the contribution of Brummie Women.  Anne represents hundreds of ordinary Brummies who care enough to act and she deserves our support and recognition.  The second reason is more sentimental.  I’ve known Anne for over 30 years, she is the mother of my brother’s school mate and our families lives have weaved in and out for years.  They are an important part of our heritage.  Anne’s daughter, Sarah is now also a Trustee.  Together with others they are protecting an important part of our city’s heritage.  I reckon that deserves a bit of celebration.

I wish you all the best of luck with this inspiring project, and thank you.

P.S. Their website has a page of photos called the The Mary Harding Postcard Collection, from which the image above is taken.  Thanks to Mary Harding – and who the devil are you?  I’m off to do some research, she’s got be worth a post all of her own…


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