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New Year’s Honours 2011

January 9, 2011

It’s time for the annual trawl through the pdf which is the New Year’s Honours List.  It really is quite an inaccessible document – a 98 page pdf without an index or contents page, I guess it’s nice to work from an original source for a change.  Anyway, the format of the announcement is pretty irrelevant.  The point here is that these announcements offer a moment in time for us to reflect more formally on the contributions made by our people.

So what of the Women in Brum this year?  On the face of it (I have been known to miss some brummies) only 8 awards attribtued to the people of Birmingham, of which 5 went to women.

Again, I am proud to say I count one as a personal friend.  Congratulations to Dorothy Wilson.  The work on the mac refurbishment has been a very long endurance test for Dorothy and her numerous colleagues over a large number of years.  When I was General Manager at mac in the late 1990s it was already a huge part of Dorothy’s work.  These impressive and major projects really do take time to prepare and plan.  It is a real pleasure to see Dorothy recognised not only for that fantastic project, but her significant contributions to the arts over a number of years.


For services to Athletics


Leader, International Wives’ Group. For voluntary service to International Students.

Mrs Lesley Meriel FRANKLIN MBE

Leader, Stonehouse Gang Youth Group. For services to Young People in Weoley Castle, Birmingham.

Mrs Jeanette HART MBE

For services to the community in North Birmingham.


Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Midlands Arts Centre. For services to the Arts.

So there they are, a fine array of generous people who make commitments to others way beyond the call of duty.  At least a couple with no presence on the internet (prior to these awards and this article):  a cautionary reminder to those of us who struggle to get by without wifi – there really is plenty to be done without the internet!

Here is the full list I explored to find these people…

So finally, thank you to all of you for your contributons to our community and congratulations on your award.

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